Milos island

The Best Greek Islands to visit in 2022


For: Breathtaking Views.

Milos island

This volcanic Greek island is just north of the Sea of Crete, the most Southwestern island in the Cyclades group. Becoming more popular in recent years, tourists are amazed by the incredible beaches and untouched beauty of Milos. You could say its the rising star of the Greek Islands.



For: 5-Star Accommodation and Recreation.

Mykonos islands

Mykonos is famously known as the most expensive Greek Island, due to it’s glamorous, 5-star status. Celebrities, athletes and movie stars flock to Mykonos to enjoy the Mediterranean sunshine, luxury accommodation, exclusive venues and lively nightlife.



For: Active Enthusiasts

Zakynthos islands

Previously ‘Zante’ was only ever known as a ‘lads’ or ‘girls’ holiday destination, and the beauty of Zakynthos was, to a degree, overlooked. Although it still has it’s party town, much of the island is untouched, famous for turtle beaches, coves, caves, and even shipwrecks. The mountainous landscape is perfect for hiking and biking, while the stunning beaches provide all the waterborne fun. 



For: Honeymooners.

Santorini islands

If your yet to travel to Santorini, put it to the top of your list. This stunning Caldera offers the perfect romantic getaway with its beautiful cobbled streets and quant, cave like villa rentals. If days spent looking out onto the stunning view from your pool sounds like your kind of thing, you’ll love Santorini.



For: A little of everything.

Crete island

Crete is the largest of the Greek Islands, known for its ancient ruins, snow-capped peaks and stunning beaches. With a relatively reliable weather forecast, you can pretty much guarantee sunshine, and with so much to see, you’ll be spoilt for daytime activities. If your looking to find the perfect combination of sight-seeing, relaxing and outdoor fun – Crete might be the one for you.



For: Off the beaten track Beaches.

Lefkada islands

If your a beach enthusiast, and are looking to be stunned, visit Lefkada. The cliff-backed beaches of Egremni and Porto Katsiki, Vassiliki, Sivotasure and Meganisiwill are guaranteed to take your breath way (amongst others). If sun-soaking, beach bars and cave swimming is your ultimate holiday dream.. Lefkada, Lefkada, Lefkada.


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