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Summit One: NYC’s Most Exciting Installation


Sky High sights..  

Summit one

 One of New York’s newest city viewing platforms has opened, but it’s fair to say it offers a little more than sky high sights. The Summit One Vanderbilt, is the tallest commercial building in midtown Manhattan, and with its iconic shape setting a new standard for architecture in New York.

Summit One Vanderbilt was conceived as an installation that compels you to question your perception of the built environment, the natural world, and your sensorial reality – through four different experiences.

‘Air’ by Kenzo Digital

Air summit one

Kenzo Digital, specialising in mind-bending and emotion evoking physical spaces, created the ‘Air’ experience. The first space, ‘Transcendence’ is an art installation with floor to ceiling mirrors, creating a fully immersive effect, and warped reality (often used as THE instagram shot). The ‘Afinity’ installation, is similar, with the addition of large chrome balloons, floating throughout – because why not! Both rooms begin to reflect the sun as it sets over the city, producing dramatic rays of colour. 

Levitating & Ascent

Summit one
Ascent lift

Levitating offers two overhung viewing platforms for guests to step onto.. with nothing but a glass floor below their feet. ‘Levitate’ above New York City, if you dare! For the most daring of guests, ‘Ascent’ provides the real thrill-factor, and a one-of-a-kind perspective of the city from One Vanderbilt’s highest elevation. Summit’s ‘Ascent’ is the highest rack-and-pinion lift system in the world, and at 90 square feet each, the largest lit floor elevators in the world. The two lifts are positioned on the outside of the building, taking you up to the highest point to admire the breathtaking view of the city.  


Summit one

The latest concept from Danny Meyer’s Union Square Events combines global flavours for a culinary experience exclusive to Summit. Stunning views of New York are ready to greet you from the open air terrace and indoor lounge, perched in the skies above Manhattan.



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