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James Bond’s No Time To Die: Filming Locations to Visit

The last of Daniel Craig’s James Bond films, No Time To Die, finally hit our screens in September last year. Stunning locations, whether they’ve been rural or urban, have always played a huge part in the Bond Films, taking us on a turbulent journey, beginning to end. No Time To Die was no exception, with filming taking place across the world, from Italy to Jamaica.

Matera, Italy

Filming location italy

After what seems like a relaxing holiday, the action soon kicks off with a bang in Matera. The city lies in the region of Basilicata, in Southern Italy, a 9000-year-old city rich in history, making it the 3rd oldest inhabited settlement in the world. Its muted stone buildings and narrow, intertwining streets offered itself as the perfect location for the first of many car chases, with Bond navigating the cobbled streets in his classic silver Aston Martin DB5. Although becoming more popular since becoming a designated European Cultural Capital for 2019, it still has fewer tourists than most cities in Italy. Perfect if your looking for that authentic, Italian, olde-worldy experience.

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Port Antonio, Jamaica

Seeking solitude, we find Bond years later in his ’retirement’ phase, set up in the stunning Port Antonio area, off the beaten track. The turquoise waters and plush greenery acts as the most picturesque of setting to portray his new, simplistic way of life in the jungle. Bond has long had a connection to this Caribbean island, and author Ian Fleming set up home there, so it seems like a suitable setting for his tropical retreat. The unspoiled beaches and trendy port town has tonnes of charm, and lots of natural attractions, ideal for a tropical adventure.

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London, England

London filming
Filming bond

London of course, makes an appearance, home to MI6 and all the other key characters that make the franchise (M, Money Penny and Q). The Bond films wouldn’t be complete without a scene in the iconic Capital!

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The North Atlantic Road, Norway

Filming location

 The Atlantic Road has a National Tourist Route status, stretching 8 miles from an island, connecting it to the mainland of Norway. A popular attraction due to the incredible scenery and architecture, this roads dramatic setting is used when Bond and Madeline set to flee the blacked out Range Rovers chasing them down. The result? A pretty nail bitting, dramatic scene! This impressive structure is definitely a visit if you take a trip to Norway.

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