Hugo Boss: The Rebrand

A new era for Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss has officially made its comeback, stepping into a new era of contemporary style, with modernised thinking. The brands relatively new CEO, Daniel Grieder, says over the last six years, the Brand has “lost its relevance in the fashion industry”, and in order for it to be successful, “we need to reframe it”. 

Introducing Hugo and Boss

In order to target the two most influential demographics, Boss will be aimed at the millennials, placing emphasis on motivational advertising and bold designs. Meanwhile, the slightly more affordable ‘Hugo’ will ‘tailor’ to the younger crowd of Gen Z’s, with a new slogan ‘Go your own way’, to reflect the fluidity and self expression of the younger generation. The focus for both collections, although targeting different audiences, will be modernising fabrics. With a focus placed everyday tailored fits, and water resistant/wrinkle resistant fabrics, so you can “sleep in that suit and get up and it still looks like you just put it on” according to Grieder. 

Be Your Own Boss Campaign, HUGO BOSS

Modernised Marketing

Starting off with a bang, the #BeYourOwnBoss campaign launched yesterday, featuring the most current (25 and over) stars; Anthony Joshua, Future, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber in the new Boss collection, designed with a core colour palette of browns, black and nudes. The striking campaign video, featuring The Weeknd’s ‘Pray for Me’, screams brand awareness, with a clear authentic and brand identity. With a new focus of social media channels (Instagram for Boss, Tiktok for Hugo), we can expect the remodelled brand to soon be a talking point amongst the younger crowd. 

Insider Look:

Anyone who’s previously been confused by Hugo Boss, and what they stand for, will have zero questions after watching the video below. 

Be Your Own BOSS Campaign Video


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