Emily in paris

Emily in Paris: The Season 2 Locations to Visit 


Gare du Nord

Emily in Paris Gare du Nord

The famous train station, Gare du Nord is featured when Emily accompanies Pierre Cadault’s heir, Mathieu to St. Tropez for the weekend (well almost). Located in Paris’ 10th arrondissement near Gare du Nord connects travellers with the rest of France, and routes to many destinations in Europe. It’s neoclassical style and collection of statues by famous sculptors, make it the perfect Parisian film set, and an interesting place to see in the flesh.


Le Champo Cinema

In episode 4, Emily’s co-worker, Luc takes her to the French cinema Le Champo Cinema. The filming location is in Paris’ Latin Quarter with the theatre being best known for it’s Art Deco styled interior and a haunt for French film stars over the years. If you’re interested in the French film scene, make sure you book a night at Le Champo cinema.  


Galeries Lafayette

Emily in paris

The largest French Department Store comes into play when Emily and classmate Petra opt for a spot of shopping, which soon leads to shoplifting. The flagship store is located in Paris’ 9th Arrondissement on Boulevard Haussmann boasts 750,000 square feet of French fashion. If you’re the Fashion Capital of the world, a trip to Galeries Lafayette ought to be on your must-see list. 


Palace of Versailles

It’s fair to say we saved the best till last. The Palace of Versailles is certainly the most regal of EIP Season 2 locations. Seen in the season finale, Emily coordinates the fashion show of Grégory Duprée, which takes place in the stunning Hall of Mirrors. The famous hall was designed to reflect King Louis XIV’s vision of himself as a King and the splendor of France, with all the mirrors made, in 1678 on French soil. You can see this stunning space for yourself, in addition to the rest of the Palace.


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